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Our law firm with offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, tailors our legal practice to protect insurance consumers and policyholders from the bad faith tactics of insurance companies throughout the state of Arizona.

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August 29, 2017

The Insurance Industry Quick-Hit Settlement

If you’ve been in a collision and it was someone else’s fault, odds are very good that you will hear from the at-fault driver’s insurance company as soon as possible. It’s a tactic that is happening more and more in Arizona. This is done for a variety of reasons: (1) the insurance company would like […]


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Arizona Commercial Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

You Need Your Arizona Business Coverage, but All You Get is Bad Faith

As a responsible and enterprising business owner in Arizona, you have likely tried to prepare for every single contingency, in order to ensure profitability. Part of those preparations included having vital commercial insurance coverage. Some of that insurance was probably mandated by law while other types may have been purchased based on your own particular wants and needs. Unfortunately, when dealing with commercial insurance, not everything goes smoothly. Common types of problems that are related to commercial insurance in Arizona include:

  • Failure to defend by your insurance company, related to a liability lawsuit involving your business
  • Accusations of arson if your commercial property has forced you to file a fire insurance claim
  • Lack of fair compensation for any business interruption costs
  • Improper and unfair evaluations of insurance claims
  • Denials and delays related to commercial vehicle insurance
  • Construction insurance claim denial and delay

These only represent a few of the countless ways that an insurance company may try to get out of fairly assisting you when you need the insurance you paid for. The insurance company may have collected the premiums that you paid, but when you expect their help, you get nothing in return for your payments.

If you are a business owner in Arizona and believe that your insurance company is treating you unfairly and is demonstrating bad faith, call Scottsdale Commercial Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer Shane L. Harward at 480-874-2918.

Decades of Experience in Arizona Commercial Insurance Litigation

If you are a business owner in Arizona, you will likely be forced to file an insurance claim for damage to your property at some point.  Or you may face a lawsuit by a former or current employee or customer. For countless business owners, it is a great surprise to see their insurance company abandon them just when they most need help. Your insurance company is required to show good faith in their dealings with you. It must stand completely by the insurance policy and the promises of security given to you.  Your insurance company must demonstrate that it has your best interests in mind. Many insurance companies count on business owners accepting low-ball settlements, or giving up on the process when they make it difficult to seek compensation. However, rather than giving up, you can fight back.

Scottsdale Lawyer Shane L. Harward has been fighting on behalf of individuals, small business owners, and independently owned Arizona companies since 1995. When big insurance companies try to take advantage, intimidate, or ignore Arizona business owners, Mr. Harward doesn’t allow it. He will get the insurance company’s attention and he will use all of his experience, skill, and resources to fight for every bit of compensation that you deserve. Call 480-874-2918.

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