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Our law firm with offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, tailors our legal practice to protect insurance consumers and policyholders from the bad faith tactics of insurance companies throughout the state of Arizona.

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August 29, 2017

The Insurance Industry Quick-Hit Settlement

If you’ve been in a collision and it was someone else’s fault, odds are very good that you will hear from the at-fault driver’s insurance company as soon as possible. It’s a tactic that is happening more and more in Arizona. This is done for a variety of reasons: (1) the insurance company would like […]


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Has your Insurance Company Failed to Defend you from a Lawsuit in Arizona?

Scottsdale Lawyer Shane L. Harward has Experience with Failure to Defend Cases

Whether it is Farmers, State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate or some other insurer in Arizona, if your insurance company fails to put your interests above their own economic gains, you may be a victim of insurance bad faith. An insurance company may choose not to settle a claim when it wrongly believes that it can contest and win the lawsuit. When it does this, it may put your assets at risk of a verdict in excess of your insurance policy limits. This type of insurance company gambling can lead to devastating consequences for insurance policy holders.

Your insurance company may take a risk and win; they may save themselves money but there is no benefit for you. If they risk and lose, they may lose thousands or even millions of dollars. Considering that some insurance companies make billions of dollars annually, they can afford the risk. You can’t. If an excess verdict is awarded in a lawsuit related to your liability, you may be personally responsible for paying an astronomical amount of money to a plaintiff.

If you are in a circumstance in which you believe your insurance carrier has placed your rights below their economic interest, call 480-874-2918 to speak with Scottsdale Lawyer Shane L. Harward. Since 1995 Mr. Harward has been handling high-stakes and high-dollar cases involving issues of failure to defend and excess verdicts in Arizona.

An Insurance Company may put your Economic Well-Being at Risk

Your home, your vehicles, savings, businesses, and other assets may be at risk.

Your insurance company must adequately place your best interests ahead of its own profit-making goals or it may be breaching its duty of good faith and fair dealing. Your insurance company’s failure to defend you—the policyholder—if you are sued by a third party can result in an excess verdict. An Arizona insurance policyholder should never have to experience the financial catastrophe of an excess verdict because their insurance company failed to protect them.

At the Scottsdale Law Offices of Shane L. Harward, we know how to respond to insurance companies dishonest tactics and we know how to prepare you for what to expect when suing a big insurance company. We will be relentless and sophisticated in our approach to seeking justice and compensation for the time, money and peace mind you may have lost due to insurance bad faith.  We have helped countless people recover millions of dollars in compensation. We can help you. Call 480-874-2918.

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